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Finding the Fire Hydrant closest to me

After entering an address, or clicking a property, a map of Amarillo and Canyon will be displayed. When zoomed in, Fire Hydrants will show up on the map, and the infobar will show how close to a Fire Hydrant your property is located.

Distances to the nearest Fire Hydrant are used by Insurance Agencies to assess risks. Properties closer to a Hydrant will take Firemen less time to get a continuous flow of water, reducing the chance of a total loss. Insurance companies use this information to calculate Insurance Premiums.

How Hydrant distances are calculated

Distance is calculated by measuring from the center of the property to the nearest Hydrant. Some properties may have a distance for a Hydrant even though the Hydrant is within the property lines.

General Hydrant Information

Hydrants are connected to City water mains, and give the Amarillo Fire Department access to high flow rate water in case of a nearby Fire. Each Hydrant is mandated by the State to have a minimum flow rate.

How to tell if a Hydrant is working properly

If the Hydrant does not meet the requirements set by the state, a red ring is placed on the Hydrant so that Firemen know the Hydrant will not return the required amount of water needed to operate the fire truck. If a hydrant is out of operation, a Yellow ring is placed on the main outlet.

More Information

The following Amarillo departments may be able to help you:

Data for hydrant maps comes comes from the following sources: