Sales Leads

Using sales leads, you can expect commercial properties to have at least a 15% sales rate, and over a 20% sales rate for Residential lists.
Contact the owners on these lists as future sales prospects, or as a roadmap of where the market may be heading in the future for Amarillo and Canyon.

Increase your Residential and Commercial Inventory

Many of the Property owners in the following lists are at a point in the life cycle of a property that the owner is likely motivated to sell. Conversations with some prospects have been “I’ve been thinking about selling this property” or “Were you reading my mind?”. Use sales leads to get to new prospects in a timely manner.

Get a private list

Contact us at 806-401-7906 to get customized leads tailored for your needs. Customized lists start at $50 per month, can be sent directly to you via E-mail, can be filtered by size, price, area, number of Bedrooms, etc. Your results can be pulled out of our public lists results giving you an edge over your competition!

Latest Sales Leads