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What are flood Zones?

Flood Zones are geographic areas that are at risk for varying levels of flooding. They surround playa lakes and streams in the area. Flood Planes shown on the map are in the Special Flood Hazard Zone .

What if I am on/close to a Flood Zone?

Insurance costs may increase the closer your property is to a flood zone. Your Insurance provider may encourage you to use the FEMA Flood Insurance if your property is on a flood zone. Examples of properties in flood zones are properties on Nancy Ellen Street in Amarillo or properties near Lake Tanglewood.

About the Flood map

The map will show flood plains in red, with the flood distance shown in the information bar. Flood distances are calculated by finding the minimum distance between the edges of the flood plain and the edges of each parcel. All Plane data is pulled from official FEMA Flood sources.

More information

It's important to thoroughly research any property you are interested in purchasing. This research should include information on whether or not your property is in a FEMA-rated flood zone. There are more than twenty-five flood zones in Amarillo, and over 145,000 acres in Potter and Randall County.

If you own a property in a flood zone, standard homeowner insurance will not cover flood damage. You should contact your insurance provider to get more information on flood insurance rates. If you still wish to purchase a property, or already own a property in a flood zone, there are repairs and modifications you can make to the property that can mitigate water damage in case of heavy rain and floods. For more information on the different aspects of owning properties in flood zones, please visit the Fema portal search.