The city could be doing better compared to the State. Because growth improves jobs, attracts new business, and helps you the citizen have a better quality of life.

What is growth?

For this article, I will discuss urban growth Which is the rate at which an urban area increases. This growth can come from

  • people moving from other cities
  • Attrition from small towns and rural areas.

Amarillo’s growth depends on a lot of factors that relate to how desirable the city is for businesses and citizens including:

  • Job opportunities - Can a new citizen find employment?
  • Wages
  • Entertainment - Restraunts, Movies, Ball parks, etc.
  • Efficient Services - Trash, water, Sewer, Animal Control
  • Transport - Maintained roads, and communication such as Network connectivity.
  • Nature - Nature/Bike/hiking trails such as those in Coyote bluff, and Palo Duro Canyon

What is Amarillo’s current growth rate?

According to the Census Bureau , and Wikipedia Amarillo is the 116th largest city, and is the 107th fastest growing city over 100,000 with a growth rate of 4.84% from 2010 to 2018.

We are trailing for the State, as Amarillo is the 16th largest city and the 35th fastest growing. Texas is a one of the most competitive states in the U.S. for business and job growth.

What is Amarillo doing right?

  • Low tax rate is keeping the city competitive for new businesses
  • Wind power is bringing in new business
  • New entertainment venues such as Cynergy, Hodgetown Stadium, and downtown restraunts.
  • Plenty of land for new growth.

Where can Amarillo improve?

  • Amarillo’s infrastructure needs more investment such as sewers, water mains and Dumpsters. This is a common problem in most cities, but will be a tough tradeoff for council as Taxes will need to be raised, which could reduce Amarillo’s attractiveness to new business.
  • The city needs to attract a larger educated workforce But is a chicken and egg problem. In order to attract business you need an educated workforce, but in order to get the workforce, Amarillo requires businesses.

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