This post is all about finding a good parking spot during a Sod Poodles game in Downtown Amarillo. Don’t want deal with the hassle of backed up traffic and angry fans? Here’s the top 5 best places to park with directions and useful links to get you where you need to go.

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Things to avoid when trying to find parking.

  • *DONT GO DOWN BUCHANAN* - If you're heading north, take a left at the fork and use Fillmore instead.
  • Don't use the Civic Center, Library or Globe News parking lots - They're the most packed.

Best Parking

ANB Parking lot Between 6th and 7th

Free after 6 PM

Convenient access to 6th street restraunts and the Stadium.

Not available 6 AM to 6 PM

Willing to walk a couple blocks? the Amarillo National Bank parking lot is centally located to Food and Bars on Polk and is sandwiched between Taylore and Fillmore making it easy to leave after the game.

City Parking Garage


best for handicap

Spaces are always available

Closest to game

$2-$7 an hour depending on the event.

In a rush? The Downton Parking Garage offers the easiest access to Hodgetown Stadium. Head down Fillmore, and turn right on 6th.

ANB Parking Garage

Closest to Polk Street.

Limited free parking on top floor.

3 or 4 block walk to Stadium, but close to Downtown Restraunts.

Last Resort

Parking street side

dollar an hour

3 hour maximum

quick to fill up

Application is cumbersome to use.

Park mobile app required

Park mobile app required

Parking spots patrolled during peak hours.

Parking is free after 5PM but is not posted on signs. If council changes the parking schedule in the future, you will not know unless you check your parking spot with the app. I feel that this is cumbersome, and your best bet is to just skip side street parking completely.

Parking downtown can be frustrating; I know it has been for me. Stay away from Buchanan and park in areas a less packed which are closer to the best downtown restaurants.